REPOST: And I talk about boyfriends too

This is from my FB Notes. I was reviewing my posts and stumbled upon this one. This is so funny. Hehe Because the person I was talking about here is actually married now to his boyfriend of too long. Cool, eh?!

I haven’t fully realized the disadvantages of not being in a romantic relationship until last night. “May boyfriend ka na?” is a question I would get from people who I don’t see often or I choose not to see often. Para namang requirement talaga na’pag nagkita ulit kami may boyfriend na ako.

Sure, there’s the usual, “Next na celebration, wedding mo na, ha?” To which I usually answer, “Sige po. Sagot n’yo?” And that would most probably end it. Like spending for a wedding would guarantee you happiness forever. I don’t think so. And there’s the “Bakit hindi mo naman inimbita ngayon ‘yung boyfriend mo para makilala namin?” To which I would reply sheepishly… Wait! I don’t reply to that.

There’s even an instance that I actually lied about having a boyfriend. But that was a situation that really needed a drastic, desperate even, move. She wants to play matchmaker… not on that particular instance only, but every time she’s in the country for a vacation. She’s a dear aunt and I seldom see her, so I prepared myself before I went to see her again and made up this lie of me being in a relationship to assure her that I’m okay. At hindi na n’ya kailangang problemahin ang love life ko kahit pa Hawaiian hunks ang ibinebenta n’ya. Auntie, I can’t afford anyone of those, please.

Of course, I have to break up with my imaginary boyfriend named Sam (yes, I like Sam Milby and the movie “I am Sam”. Too obvious kung John Lloyd, right?) when she comes back this year kasi she’ll be arranging the wedding, I’m sure. Poor Sam.

And then there’s last night’s nakakalokang incident. I never have given it (being single) much thought until a very eager mom (a family friend who I respect dearly) wanted to hooked me up with her son. Okay.

Let’s analyze.

Sure, I would want to be part of your family. It would be an honor. I can have my own car for one thing and I can live in a house located in a neighborhood of celebrities. Who wouldn’t want that? Sure, we’ll enjoy each other’s company. We both like going on trips and we can both talk about cars and movies. And, yes, I bet we’ll love dining and shopping together…especially shopping. Jeez, we’re very much compatible! We even share the same interest — boys.

Ugh. Tita, it’s time to accept it. Your son is gay.


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