Pasto Pesto Pasta

I had dinner with Margaret, Arri, Len and her friend Neil at Pasto in El Pueblo. It was sort of a sendoff dinner for her, but it was more of a celebration. Of course, I will miss  her. She’s like the little sister that I never had. But, heck. I’m just losing an officemate, not a friend.

Anyway, the dinner was officially my first big dine-out after being unwell for sometime. I think I’m still not okay. I didn’t eat much. It’s  Italian. It’s supposed to be my favorite. Maybe I was still nervous that the palpitations might happen again. Plus, the fact that I’m going home alone late was not that so appealing to me. I got used to hitching with Tatay on his way home for the past weeks.

We ordered three kinds of pasta and the Pasto pizza (because as Arri said, everything is on it, let’s go for that.) We had aglio oli, the white sauce and the red sauce. I managed to eat some of the carbonara-like penne pasta. It was good, but I was expecting a creamier sauce.  The pizza is  thin-crust. Everything seemed to be with mushrooms and dried tomatoes (which was sweet).

Aww. I hate not being able to enjoy food. I cannot review restos yet. Sad.


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