Jejemons Amongst Us: Revisited

I can’t leave the topic behind. Especially that the topic reached the national TV last week. There’s even a feature on it. I have to say some more.

Way back when I was still studying in Baguio (that was like more than 5 years , there existed among us the emerging of what we know call “jejemons”. He was actually a classmate that I lost touch with. He used to text “jejeje”. (The last two sentences aren’t related at all, I swear. We just lost touch. Well, okay, maybe that’s one of the reasons.)

Anyway, being the inquiring mind (and very irritable with misspellings and wrong grammars) that I am, I asked him why was he texting that way. He said the letter “j” is easier to key-in than the letter “h”, because you need to press the number 4 twice when keying in the letter “h”. With the letter “j”, you only have to press the number 5 once.

Makes sense, right? I therefore conclude, it was actually for convenience that they laugh with “jejeje” , at tamad lang talaga ang mga sinaunang jejemons. That’s one historical account.

But then the “jejemons” developed into extremely masipag creatures creating a whole new way of spelling words by mainly putting the letter “h” anywhere they see fit. Oh, what the heck! Put an “h” in every word!  It’s a Filipino habit, by the way, which rooted from Pinoy nicknames like Lhen-lhen, Bhoy , Bhoyet and  Jhun-jhun.

Very Filipino, right? But they said there’s a whole lot of breed all over the world. Now, I don’t want to know about them all. I’m moving on now.


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