Dahil may SATC, may HCTB

I didn’t watch “Kimi Dora” because only the young Lindsay Lohan in “Parent Trap” playing two different characters amuses me, and, yeah, that kid in “Agua Bendita”, too, which I thought are two different kids until Tatay pointed it out after two months of it being on air. Malay ko ba? Ang galing, eh!

Anyway, back to the topic. I like Eugene Domingo. She is hilarious. That’s why when I saw the teaser of the movie I sent a text message to the one friend I would want to watch it and the friend who would never think twice about going with us because, well, it is always fun watching with those two even if the movie turns out to be a disaster.

HCTB (I had to use an acronym because it is just too long to type “Here Comes the Bride” and it’s fun to use acronyms) is funny, a funny ha-ha-ha, not the smirk-y type, which I usually do when watching Tagalog comedies. I have high standards in laughing. It has to be both funny and witty.

Pero madami ang nagsasabing mahirap aliwin ang mga Pilipino. Sa mga concerts nga parang laging napaka-uptight natin, pwera lang sa mga lasing na talaga or naka-drugs at mataas na ang tama. Usually, nanonood lang talaga tayo, as in nood lang.

Ganunpaman, marami pa ring kakornihan sa mga pelikulang Pilipino. And HCTB is no exception.

I smirked at some parts when I remembered how shallow “funny” is as shown in the movie. I had to snap myself back to my uncomplaining self for me to enjoy the movie. I shouldn’t put logic on it. I shouldn’t get mad at Angelica’s character because she is supposed to be that annoying bashful bride. Good thing I was able to snap back, thanks to the bucket of Chef Tony’s Popcorn we brought in. The new movie flavor (bacon and cheddar, I think) helped me in getting back to my “enjoy the movie please” mode.

The cast did a great job in this movie. There are some flaws on timing but they’re forgivable. Plus, the setting is just too lovely. I would want to go there. Well, I’m sure the resort’s sales are up because of the movie.

Well, that’s it. I laughed for more than a couple of times with my two greatest friends. And that’s what’s important.

Can’t wait for SATC 2! But I think the poster is a little unfair. Si SJP lang, wala ‘yung tatlo. Unfair!


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