Summer Craving: Frozen Yogurt

I don’t think summer is gonna be ending soon…and so is my addiction to frozen yogurts. It’s my new frappe, you know, the gourmet stuff that all financial experts tells you to cut down on to save money.

For a country who loves anything sweet and where lactose intolerance is common, I don’t actually know when these frozen yogurt places started sprouting in malls and when did people begin to actually patronize them. Maybe because these yummy treats are advertised as better alternative to ice cream and people are starting to worry about diabetes.Or maybe because of the Koreans. Hmm…

And so there are three frozen yogurt places that emerged in the Philippines, as far as I know. These are: Red Mango, White Hat and Tutti Frutti.

My favorite is Red Mango because the name is cool. Seriously, just because of that. Plus, because their dine-in bowl is super nice. Among the three places, they top the yogurt more generously. Although, White Hat’s yogurt is softer and finer and Tutti Frutti gives you the experience to make your yogurt mix yourself at 20 pesos/oz. It gives you unlimited choice of toppings and yogurt flavor, too. Unlike the other two, where toppings are limited to three, or so I thought. Maybe you can actually add more toppings and just pay for each.

Anyway, here are my favorite toppings: blueberries, almond slices, and dark cocoa pebbles or cornflakes. Yum!


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