Simply KC: A Crash Course on Interviewing 101

It is becoming a favorite pastime for me and a friend to talk about her. As for me, she caught my full attention when she went to France to study. I envied her, I have to admit. I watched that special feature about her life in France. Totally very envious that she was able to do that. Beauty, fame, money, good political affiliation–she has the world at her feet. And so I’ve created this bubble that she really must be a great person. But when she came back to the Philippines to stay for good, the bubble bursted.

I still think she is a great person. But when everything seemed to have become all about her, it got boring. Well, she is big, coming from a well-known family and daughter of the Mega Star. She is bound to be big. And so is my expectations of her.

She’s a good commercial model. No doubt about that.

I know she can sing. She has albums. And, hey, here in the Philippines, as Kris Aquino has proved it more than a couple of times, even if you cannot really sing, you still can have an album.

I don’t know if she’s good at acting. I’ve never watched any of her movie, not that I’m intending to watch any soon. Eh, parang dapat “With the special participation of Jericho Rosales” ang dapat na billing for Echo dun sa nw movie n’ya.

She got this new talk show. I think of it as a spin-off of her segment on The Buzz. Not to be really harsh,  she has to improve her interviewing skills. Having watched two episodes of her segment, I could only say she really needs to improve her craft.

To observe her further, I watched the pilot of the new talk show which has a very, very strange time slot. As my friend’s mom noted, Sino manonood n’yan, mga katulong na naglilinis ng bahay? Oo nga naman. I had to watch it, too, because JLC was the first victim, er… guest. And, yes, I feel a connection with him however vague that is.

I am no expert on talk shows. I just love watching Ellen, Tyra, Oprah and yes, Kris Aquino. I find her equally amusing as Tyra. And so I think KC  has to watch some more talk shows and learn from them.

Very first rule of thumb that I learned from college was, gather as much information as you can about your interviewee. It’s very important that you know about your topic but not to the point that you’re making it seem you know more a lot about the interviewee than he knows about himself.

Besides, it’s irrelevant that JLC had his very first home in 2004 when he already said it’s a few years back, at the onset of his career. Huwag mo nang ipahalatang nag-research kayo masyado.

Second pointer: Do not interrupt your interviewee when he’s answering a question with another irrelevant question. It’s a good thing JLC is a good conversationalist (I know that because I’ve talked to him one fine day in Cebu) and he managed to get back on his train of thought after he was asked a totally irrelevant question.

Third, do not try to finish your interviewee’s sentence with a paragraph. You will, most of the time, fail. This works if you are just trying to fill in his sentence with a word he could not find in his vocabulary, but not with a phrase or, worse, sentences. Also, do not try to put words into your interviewer’s mouth. Not very good.

Lastly, do not, by any means, make the interview all about you by saying you can relate to the interviewee’s experience then go on to actually relating your very own experience until both of you forget what you’re talking about. And, yes, wiping the tears on your interviewee’s cheeks with your bare hands is a no-no, at least in my opinion. That’s from a different show, by the way.

There. I’m done. The show’s a breather, a fresh one for morning shows. Plus, I’m sure it’ll improve. But I won’t be watching it again tomorrow, intentionally. Hindi naman ako kabilang sa target audience.


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