Drip-drop and Droplet: A Story of Water Cycle

I think it is safe to post this now. My shot at writing a short story for kids. Mind you, this is educational.

In the fluffy white clouds, up in the atmosphere, there once was a water molecule named Drip-drop. Drip-drop has been with other molecules for as long as he could remember. They are happily contented with just lying on their backs, soaking up the warm sunlight.

Sometimes Drip-drop would sigh and hope for an adventure to come his way. “I wish there’s something else to do here,” he sometimes muttered to himself. Nothing seems to bother their simple and comfortable lives up there in the heavens until one day.

Drip-drop remembered taking his usual place under the sun, which seemed to be not as bright as the normal sun he was used to. As Drip-drop watched the other clouds around him grew darker and darker, he panicked. He became more worried when he felt that he was getting so heavy that he could not move. “What is happening,” he asked himself. Loud thunders shook the cloud and Drip-drop didn’t know what to do as he saw other water molecules in a panic too.

He was watching one of his friends struggle to move when all of a sudden he felt himself falling from the cloud. He was screaming like all the other water molecules as they fell and went farther from their home clouds.

Someone shouted, “It’s raining again! Rain, rain, rain!” Drip-drop had no idea what is rain all about. And down, down, Drip-drop went as he saw the greens beneath him. At last, he landed on the earth just like the others. Surrounding him were tall trees, insects of different colors and size—a sight he had never seen before. He tried to get up from the leaf in which he fell upon but he slipped and fall once more to the ground.

Drip-drop couldn’t think of nothing else to do but cry. He wanted to go home. He was about to move when another water molecule fell right beside him. Unlike Drip-drop, he looked happy as he said, “Hello!” to him.

“Hi,” said Drip-drop. He tried to ask a question but the water molecule got up and introduced himself to him.

“That was some rain, eh? My name is Droplet. What’s yours?” said the water molecule.

“Hi,” said Drip-drop again. “I’m Drip-drop. What just happened? What is rain? I want to go home now. Can you please help me get back to my cloud?” he asked.

“Oh, it was your first time,” exclaimed Droplet. “Rain is what just happened. We, water molecules, up in the clouds, had too much sunlight and the clouds could not hold us all together anymore. That’s why they let us go. It’s called precipitation. That’s when we fall down from the sky, this time in the form of rain. But sometimes, we can fall as snow, hail or sleet, depending on the temperature,” explained Droplet.

“I see,” answered Drip-drop but he still didn’t feel okay even if he now knew about what happened. He still wanted to go home. “Can we still go back home, Droplet?” he asked with anticipation.

“Of course! It’s a cycle,” said Droplet with a big grin.

Drip-drop smiled widely with hope and asked how.

“Just stay with me and I will guide you through it,” answered Droplet.

Few moments had passed and the rain stopped and Drip-drop saw the sun again. He was about to ask Droplet another question when he suddenly felt he was being pulled to the ground. Droplet held his hand and told him to relax. Drip-drop tried to relax but was bothered by the other water molecules around him who seemed to dissolve into the air.

“They’re going to be fine. It’s just evaporation. Look, they can fly now,” said Droplet and pointed to the water molecules that became air molecules as they went up higher and higher.

“Are we going to be like them, too?” asked Drip-drop once more.

Just as Droplet was about to answer, they were pulled to the ground and were absorbed by the roots of the plant nearby. Drip-drop screamed as Droplet held him steady.

“I guess we’ll be doing some stopovers first,” said Droplet.

Drip-drop looked puzzled.

“Don’t worry. It’s just for a while. We’re just going to help this plant make some nutrients for it to grow. This is going to be fun, Drip-drop,” said Droplet with excitement.

And so Drip-drop and Droplet went through the plant’s roots and stems until they reached the leaves. Drip-drop seemed to enjoy the ride and felt lighter.

“We’ll take off in a while, brace yourself. It’s going to be twice the fun we had down there,” said Droplet as the two soaked in the sunlight again.

It didn’t take a while when Drip-drop felt lighter and lighter. And, lo, he was flying!
“I’m flying! I’m flying!” he shouted with joy. Droplet then let go of Drip-drop and told him to enjoy the view.

“Are we going home now?” asked Drip-drop.

“Yes, we are, Drip-drop. And once we’re up there we’re going to undergo condensation,” answered Droplet.

“What is that?” asked Drip-drop again.

“It’s when water vapor in the air, which is what we are now, changes back into liquid. We’re going to form clouds. We’ll be home again,” he patiently explained to his new friend.

“Okay. And what happens after that?” asked Drip-drop.

“The cycle will continue, Drip-drop. It’s a never-ending adventure. That’s what our life is all about,” answered Droplet.

“Wow! It really is an adventure. Thank you for teaching me all about the cycle, Droplet,” said Drip-drop as they reached the other water vapor that were already forming clouds.

“The pleasure is all mine. Until the next adventure,” he said and they joined the others basking under the warm sun.

Note: I actually got inspired by this interactive game I found in the Internet to write this story. You can also check it out. http://kids.earth.nasa.gov/droplet.html


19 thoughts on “Drip-drop and Droplet: A Story of Water Cycle

  1. Nice one. So nice it makes me want to illustrate it. Dedicated to little Aaron? Let’s publish it. Then we’ll win a Newbery Medal and the publishing house would print more copies. Then Pixar and Ghibli would fight over the rights for produce the film version. Johnny Depp would play the narrator.

    • I actually want to write a more kid-friendly version. I made this for a cousin in junior high. Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the input! 🙂

      • your welcome!!! ❤ I've given in my geography and i got 7C FOR IT!!!!!!!! or if you dont understand tht its an A+ 😀 idk if ur english/american or wat but its a good score either way!!!! 😀 This could be a book you know! Have some illustrations and POW u got a book 😀

      • Wow! Congrats on your geography class. Yeah, I’m actually looking for someone to illustrate this for me. Maybe someday I’ll make a good book out of this. Again, thank you so much. And yes, I will consider your topic suggestions. 🙂

      • hi me again just a suggestion you could do another story like this but something like ollie the oxygen molecule or colin carbon dioxide or summin…

  2. Mind if I use this with my students as a reading comprehension piece to review the water cycle? I am always looking for science concepts in a fictional setting so I can combine reading strategies for fiction, which my students struggle with, and science concepts, which my students adore! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi, Kate!
      No, I don’t mind. Not at all. Sure, you can use this for your class. I’m glad you think this can help your students. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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