People don’t get what they deserve.They just get what they get.

There’s nothing any of us can do about it.

And so because I work at home as of the moment, it took me only three days to watch the full Season 6 of House, MD. It would usually take me at least a month when I have regular work as I only get to watch on weekends.

I was so excited to grab a copy (courtesy of pirate friends, of course) when I learned the season was over.Wait, Season 6. Gosh. It’s been that long since I first started watching this neurotic and sarcastic medical prodigy bully people around him in a very witty and lovable way.

I love House. He really makes me laugh.

When I was half-way through the season, I actually felt sad because I know it will take at least a year before I can have another House marathon, depending on the audience reception, of course.

The ending is not that grand so I’m hoping they would still go for another season. Not grand, Cuddy, just realized she loves House and they kiss: Yah, not grand at all.

Season 7, come quick!


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