Despicable Me: Excited Us

Warning: This is not a review of the movie.


Finally, it’s here!

It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!

After months of waiting and being excited about it, “Despicable Me” has finally arrived. Why the heck did it take more than a month after its US premiere before it reach the Philippine shore, anyway? Fighting the urge to buy a copy from the pirates was not that easy, huh?

It’s worth the wait, though. I had fun!

We watched it in a regular cinema, not 3D. We were not that eager to shell out 300 pesos for a less-than-two-hour movie. We’re not feeling that rich nowadays, anyway. Besides if it’s really a good movie, we would still enjoy it 3D or not.

And we actually did!

It was a Sunday and we knew we’d have to brave the movie house teeming with kids, so we had to be there before people actually pile up.

It was a packed cinema, all right, but tolerable.

Before the movie started, I just had to excitedly giggle to Alain, Ayan na! Eeeeh! And that pretty much summed up my excitement. The kid in me surfaced, delighted, like it was my first time to watch a movie.

In fairness, marami ding nanood na matatanda. I guess we all need to be kids once in a while. It was almost the most fun movie experience ever.

Until I realized that the woman seated beside me could have been working in a library. She sent a cold Sssshhh warning to the noisy crowd when the movie was starting. And she hushed her own kid when he laughed a bit louder than the rest of the crowd.

[Librarian ka, ‘teh? Bakit mo pinipigilan tumawa ang iyong anak? You’re despicable!]

But then a kid, when it suddenly became pitch-black, screamed It’s scary! That was just so cute! Buti na lang ‘di s’ya umiyak after; otherwise, it wouldn’t be that cute.

Anyway, I really had fun. It was one of the rarest occasions that I was not eating anything while watching and so my focus was on the movie. And here are some of the reasons why it cracked us up:

– “Go away, I’m not home!”

– the Cheeto that never did become a butterfly

– Dr. Nefario, his boogie robots and the fart gun

– the Minions! Super love the one that lights up when shaken

– Agnes and her love for unicorns

– Gru’s mom (Eh.)

– stealing the moon

Como es burro.

– Gru and his sarcasm

It’s Looney Tunes-ish, I must say. It’s cute, it has the humor, it has the wit, it has the lovable characters and the colorful animation. Plus, it has some of the stuff I love–unicorn, Gothic house, white house, minions, cynicism, the moon and a hint of world domination.

To sum up, I think the crowd you watch a movie with really plays a great role in your enjoyment. It’s fun to laugh with someone and it is even more fun to laugh with some hundreds of people. The smile lingers. 🙂

Laughter, I reckon, is best when shared. And it’s okay to laugh, smile and have fun. Never ever hold back or be the reason for someone to do so.

[Ha, Ate librarian?! ‘Wag ganun! Takot ko lang na i-ssshhh mo din ako, eh! Imbey ka!]

Oh, by the way, loved the sound track as well.

Excuse me if you will
You look like you have time to kill
Can you chill
Cause Gru Got the speakers and the trunk to make you

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
— Despicable Me, by Pharell Williams


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