Eat Pray Love = Smile Laugh Snooze

It wasn’t actually that bad. It was just too long. And I mean, really long for a movie with that theme. I’ve never seen a movie wherein I’ve muttered these words more than three times, in different variations: Oh, please, end already!

I really had no intention of watching “Eat Pray Love” because I have read bad reviews about the movie, especially from the angry Italian press (they didn’t like how they are portrayed in the movie) and I have seen how Julia Roberts got trashed by fashion media in several websites while she was promoting the movie.

But it’s really been such a hell for the past days, we needed a breather. And it’s Alain’s sort-of birthday celebration. We couldn’t celebrate with “The Town” or the Wall Street movie (they’re too serious) nor “I Do” (that’d be so pathetic). And my favorite reason was India. I haven’t been to India and half of me want to see the country. The other half is furious of the idea. And so this movie could be fun, I reckoned.

And so, we watched “Eat Pray Love,” and I don’t have the time so I have to write by random thoughts.

– There’s just so much dead air in the movie.

– I believe Italy is not all spaghetti, wine, sex, couples trying to swallow each other on the street, worry-free people, gesticulations, nosy landladies, bitter housewives and people who do nothing in the spirit of dolce far niente (pleasure of doing nothing).

– I also believe India and Bali are not all the stuff that are portrayed in the movie. But then, aren’t we all a little protective of our own country and heritage? See a travel feature on Discovery Channel if you would want that, I guess.

– Yes, it’s stereotyping at its worst (or is it finest?). But then maybe not. I can’t tell. There’s no reference of Filipinos in the movie. Let me agree that it portrays the typical notion of Italy, India and Bali.

– It’s weird that I keep on saying Bali instead of Indonesia.

– We all wish we could be Elizabeth Albert who can afford to leave everything behind, travel and find herself. I repeat, afford.  I think it’s a promotional campaign launched by travel agents.

– But then there’s not a lot of marvelous locations in the movie, so maybe not.

– There are some laughable parts, though. Ketut’s assistant is one laughable character. Imbey si Manang! Panalo!

– Is Ketut real? I didn’t read the memoir. I was planning to, prior to seeing it, but now that I’ve seen it. Hmm… Hindi na lang ata.

– The character of Javier Bardem ( from No Country for Old Men) is a bit disappointing.

– This movie strengthened my theory that I was an Italian in my past life. It might just have been my imagination, but the busy Roman streets, the noisy pizza place in Naples and the rolling hills (is it Tuscany?) seem all familiar. I felt I’ve got lost in those streets, enjoyed pizza with friends while talking loudly and walked the rustic road to the vineyards before.

– Oh, Italy. When shall we set foot in your boot-shaped country?

– Watching Julia eat her spaghetti in the movie is disturbing. But Alain eating his take-out chicken parmigiana was funny. What were we thinking when we had just 30 minutes to eat and headed to Pizza Hut? Yeah, plain stupidity on our part.

– I wasn’t feeling hungry before the movie so I just had some soup, thinking the movie would just be an hour and a half. But, what the heck! It’s more than two hours. I couldn’t wait for the movie to end!

– It was a bit of a bummer, too, watching it with a bunch of fans who obviously read the book. There’s a woman who had to explain each scene to her friend and there were a bunch who needed subtitles to help them figure out what Julia is saying as she speaks in English.

– And, oh, by the way, almost all people gasped when they saw rambutan and durian in the Bali market. Haler?! Magulat kayo kung meron n’yan sa Europe.

I guess that would be all. Sa haba ng movie, I forgot what it was trying to say. It should be an inspirational thing movie, right? Well, here’s something from my point of view.

One doesn’t need to travel far to find one’s self. Just look around you. The people you care about, the ordinary things you treasure, the simple moments that give you extraordinary happiness and comfort–these things that you are most grateful about, that’s where you would find your true self.

By the way, I’m just saying that because I can’t afford to travel like Liz did… yet. But if you can, heck, TRAVEL! It’s the best way to learn things, and the world is just so wonderfully awesome. Grab every chance to see a bit of it.

And remember this: when the day seems shitty and crappy: Smile (at yourself) Laugh (with the people you treasure) and Snooze (for tomorrow is gonna be another day).


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