My Kind of Saturday

It was the 9th Spanish Film Festival and I haven’t gone out of the house for weeks now, We must go out, I told myself. We kind of deserve a treat or two.

And so I went out to catch two films during what I dubbed as Spanish Saturday.

I first met up with Jel and Anna in Tsoko.Nut Batirol for late lunch. I was late, so it was late lunch for me. Being true with the theme of my Saturday, I ordered Spanish Sardines Pandesal. Thanks, Jelijin, for the treat! We had fun chatting and catching up while finishing a refreshing Sampalok juice. Yummy!

We hurried to GB 3 to catch the screening of the disturbing Disierto aldentro a film that fit our schedule. We were late. At kailangan talaga iwanan kami ni Manong Usher sa ere matapos n’ya kaming i-guide patungo sa lane ng aming seats. Imbey!

Having missed the first 15 minutes or so of the movie, I was delighted that we actually enjoyed the film as we made a quick review of it on the way out of the cinema.

Ano ba ginawa ni Elias sa “The Feds”?

Si Micaela kasi! Ang hilig mag-touch.

Pwede naman palang kaladkarin na lang si Micaela, kinawawa pa ‘yung asno.

At natawa talaga tayo kay Micaela, no?

Kung ulyanin na ‘yung lola ‘di ibig sabihin napatawad n’ya rin sort of si Elias, ‘di ba?

Ambisyosa nung nagtatanim ng buto, ‘no?

Kumusta naman at may dala-dala talaga sila kwitis sa bulsa.

– Ang bongga ng fireworks, parang Fourth of July lang!

Those are just snippets of our conversation while we were in the restroom. Imagine turning a depressing movie into a hilarity? Fun! I really had fun with them. Sa uulitin! Sana mas mahaba-haba.

The second movie, I saw, this time with Marvin, was theย  unforgettable La teta asustada. The film luckily fit both our schedule and it was fun watching it. We had a really good laugh, and the film is just carefully and beautifully crafted that I’m lost for words. I was happy I got the chance to watch it.

One more thing to be glad about was, I got my pasalubong nail clippers! Yey! I don’t have to go to Disneyland anymore. Yey!

After the movie, I had to rush to TriNoma for Alain’s birthday dinner in A Veneto. We, Ken and I, surprised him with a Strawberry Shortcake from Conti’s. In fairness, ang galing naming mang-surprise.

It was nice to see Alain happy as his closest friends come together to enjoy a dinner with him. It was fun, really. A little green and controversial, but fun, nonetheless.

And that was Saturday, my kind of Saturday.

I really had fun. I’m so grateful to have such wonderful friends. I’ve missed doing those things–laughing with friends, enjoying food together while chatting away, watching fun movies. I hope I can do it more often. Heck, I will.


2 thoughts on “My Kind of Saturday

    • Thanks to your advice! ๐Ÿ™‚ But it would have been “My Kind of Weekend” had I join you for the Singaporean Sunday breakfast. Pero kita ko ‘yung tao sa news. Grabe. Alay-lakad nga! Bawi ako. Sana, sana, sana soon. hehehe

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