Thank God it’s Saturday! Random thoughts.

– I met up with Mheanne, a good friend from my ex-work. She got me a pair of cutesy sandals for pasalubong. She got home, I think, July. Ang tagal, ‘di ba? Thanks, Mhe! Love them!

– Everyone’s telling me pumapayat ako. I’m so worried. I hope there’s nothing wrong. Sana, like before, stress lang to at anxiety. I have to overcome it.

– Except Venn…because I told him not to say anything about me being pumayat. Sabi n’ya nagbago lang daw talaga ang pamantayan ng payat at taba ngayon. Sana nga.

– We had some sort of dinner at TGiFriday’s–me, Alain and Rai. It was fun! Never thought it would be possible to have dinner with my two favorite friends.

– Overpriced and overrated ang TGiFriday’s. For an American resto, ang konti ng servings nila. And the mojito was soooooo sweet! ‘Di ko man nakalahati!

– Buti na lang we enjoyed the dinner so much. Ang happy lang!

– I’m the official fag hag, they say. I say, not until I get into a gay bar. πŸ™‚

– I love my friends! They’re the best. I can laugh all night with them. Here’s to more fun with them in the future!

– Ang happy lang ng Christmas display sa TrinoMa. Love it for the first time! πŸ™‚

– The worst time to go to the mall is last week of October. Nag-aagawan ang Halloween at Christmas.

– I want a Moleskine for Christmas!

– Nothing beats scoring a super marked-down gorgeous dress! I love shopping. And I love it more if I have money for shopping.

– I missed Venn so much. But I had to cut the dinner short, much to their dismay, because I had to go home and rest. The “pumapayat” thing really bugged the hell out of me.

– I got anxiety attacks tuloy. But, I shall overcome this.

– It’s first-day high tomorrow!

– I’m kinda excited. Yey! New phase!

– I wanna watch “Let Me In.” I hope Alain will have time to watch with me.

– I wanna watch the new JLC-Toni movie, too!

– May sore eyes si Tatay. We have to be careful na ‘wag mahawa.

– Ang haba ng station ID ng ABS-CBN. While at this topic, I wanna watch “Perfect Match.”

– Sad. I’m ending my online job.

– Very excited, though! Woot!



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