Welcome to GERD! Happy Eating!

Subtitle: Good luck finding a food place!

And so I have GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). To put it in layman’s term, I am acidic and the acid from my stomach is making its way up my esophagus. At least that’s how my ultra good-looking doctor explained it.

It’s nothing serious. Yeah, I believe. Sabi naman n’ya, Relax ka lang. Uto-uto ako ‘pag gwapo, so. Hehe Anyway, there are some foods I should avoid: those that produce too much acid once in the stomach.

I’ve been super stressed with people telling me pumapayat ako in the past weeks. And I really couldn’t calm my nerves. The praning that I am, I obsessed too much. And so, I decided to visit a gastroenterologist. I’ve been suspecting GERD, actually. Because I feel acid in my tummy and I’m burping a lot.

Would you believe nakakapayat ang burping a lot? Because you’re burning calories pa rin daw. Sabi ‘yan ng doctor na ultra gwapo, so maniniwala na naman ako. Hehe At ‘yun ang dahilan bakit ako pumayat.

That’s it. Foods to avoid and 1 month of taking meds. But it can return. Ganun daw ang nature ng sakit na ‘to. The meds? Uber expensive! Ambisyosa ang katawan ko! Akala yata mayaman kami!

Nakakatuwa lang, may parang welcome kit pang binigay. Parang, Congratulations, you know have GERD!


With the list of foods to avoid and good foods for GERD, we faced a challenge of finding a food place yesterday. It was tough!

We needed to eat fast for a hair appointment but we couldn’t eat at a fast food joint. We ended up at a Chinese dim sum restaurant named Mey Lin Express Quick Cook. It brags about having “All Items at 99 pesos and below.”

It’s cheap and it’s good for a relatively cheap dim sum place. We had lomi (hand-pulled, good for sharing), siopao asado (two pieces per order) and the not-so fabulous adobo tokwa. I ordered that just because it’s on the list of good food to include.

To conclude, hmm… I actually just wanted to share that.


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