The Raves, Faves and Hates of the Year That Was

Time really flies fast. A year would again be just a part of the past, and it’s that time again for me to look back so I can move forward. Doing this has always been bittersweet as I reminisce about the happy times and the sad moments of the year that was.

Here’s a rundown of my 2010 at a (not-so quick) glance.

Twitter. The greatest online social network website ever developed for me. I discovered its full potential to be a good outlet for rants, raves and sudden whatnots in 2010. For a person like me who just have too many ideas running in her mind and just won’t shut up, Twitter is one helluva good website. Oh, hell, I can just tweet anything and let other appreciate, ignore, react to, and sometimes get bugged by the crap I throw out there almost every day. Just how cool is that, huh, really?

My fave Twitter moments have to be when Ms. Miriam Quiambao followed me and whenever Chico Garcia replied to my tweets. And, of  course, when I reached my 7,000th tweet on Christmas Day. Ako na, ako na ang Twitter Queen! Hehe

What I hate about Twitter? Twitlonger. Because it defies the whole idea of Twitter. The challenge in Twitter is putting your idea in 140 characters or less. If you need to express yourself in more than that, then you better just blog about it. Speaking of blog…

Online Writing Job. Because I quit work at the first quarter of the year, I got to do some online jobs. My favorite would be writing for the film section of Austin Post. The job was so cool. I wrote about movies and I was paid (a good amount) by the hour. I wish I could clone myself so I could still write for them.

My short stint as an online writer made me realize that one can really make a decent living by writing. I wish someday I can do that again. But, just so I can prepare for that profession, I have to be in the corporate world and deal with the “regular” job I have right now.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan. For 2010, I only got on an airplane once. It was for my trip to Palawan with Alain and Ken. It was a great trip we wouldn’t forget. It was the first time that the three of us went on a trip out of town together. We went island hopping, food tripping, city touring and firefly watching. It was fun.

We weren’t able to see the Underground River, though, and so, I am gonna go back there soon. I also must see the planktons at the Iwahig River!

Pasalubong Items. Since some friends got to travel this year (and I didn’t, waaaah), I pretty much accumulated some fabulous items as pasalubongs from them. My favorites has to be the Mickey Mouse nail clippers from Hong Kong, the VNCCI sandals from Brunei, the orange paper parasol from Thailand and the fur bag from Singapore.

Music. Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” and “If It’s Love” are my favorite songs this year. They both never fail to put a smile on my face and get me on a better mood every time I hear them.

Jejemon. Oh, don’t you just hate that it ever existed?!

Rain Checks. They’re inevitable. Some plans are bound to be canceled or postponed. Bikram Yoga, Baguio trip, Singapore visit, Underground River tour, Cinemanila marathon, #thaicamviet, Makati by Night December exploration, the many attempts to get together with OPMC friends, etc. I’d like to think I’m just getting rain checks for them.

Glee. Having the chance to watch the full 2nd half of Season 1 of its match airing was one of the best perks of working at home. It’s second to having the time to play with Aaron all day. It’s double glee!

Moleskine Notebook. My most coveted thing this year. Got it! Yey! It’s tied with Fiyero Switch (my Netbook) at the number 1 spot of my favorite newly acquired worldly possessions in 2010.

Tennis Love. Another good thing about working at home for almost eight months was being able to monitor all the important matches of Fafa Rafa. Oh, that man is just so hot-hot-hot!

Fro-yo. This must be my most craved-for dessert for this year. I just seem to can’t stop craving for a cup. As I write this entry, I’m actually craving for some Red Mango or California Berry or White Hat. My favorite toppings: blueberries, almonds and graham. Yum!

Books. It must be “Let the Right One In” (Låt den rätte komma in) by John Ajvide Lindqvist for the book to rave about (which I got to read in e-book format). It’s the only vampire book I have liked since Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

But my favorite for 2010 is “Running with Scissors” by Augusten Borroughs. It’s a very interesting memoir that tells a story of insanity, normalcy, family, relationship, being caught in between and eventually embracing life’s weirdness.

Love-hate item as of the moment would be the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. I wished for it during our Secret Santa at the office. I’ve only read some 20 pages and I’ve yet to get used to the author’s (or his translator’s) writing style. There’s a movie coming up. That’s why I wanted to read it.

Movies. I may not have traveled a lot in 2010 as compared to 2009 (I super-duper miss traveling!), but I saw a lot of good movies this year. “Alice in Wonderland” has to be on the top of my list, and, “La teta asustada”, which I both saw with my favorite fellow movie (ehem) critique Marvin. Hehe ang feeling lang.

Of course, “My Amnesia Girl” shouldn’t be forgotten as the best Pinoy comedy I saw on the big screen this year. And I have to thank Alain for being the best movie buddy. Thanks, Dearie, for going with me even if  I had to drag your butt to the not-so mainstream movies like “Let Me In.”

Hate? “Mondomanila.” Ugh. I don’t even wanna remember the night I watched it.

Foods. Unlike the previous year, where I chronicled a lot of food escapades, in 2010 I had to be picky with what I eat because of health issues. I am actually eating more healthy now, and staying away from bad foods such as coffee, sweets and fatty foods. But, my office is located at Tomas Morato Avenue and I plan to try every food place there. So far, I’ve tried more than 10. That’s seems pretty neat.

If I have to pick one favorite food place for 2010, though, it must be Ka Lui’s in Puerto Princesa. We had a blast when we were there. The stingray dish was unforgettable. The place is just superb.

For the most favorite good find, it must be that 99-peso dimsum place in TriNoma. It’s called Mey Lin Express Quick Cook. Whenever we couldn’t decide where to eat, it seems to be the best choice as of the moment.

The greatest hate would be staying away from caffeine. Bummer, but I have to.

Health Issues. I have admitted that I had a somewhat not-so-good 2010. I’ve had some health issues mostly due to stress and paranoia. But I know they were all part of the plan. I trust Thee. He’ll take care of me.

Awesome Friends. 2010 is also a year of discovery of great friends. There are those who never left me through highs and lows. There are those who never hesitated to tolerate my many kapraningan and kabaliwan. There are those I never got to see that often but never failed to ask how I am and who were always ready to chat the night (or day) away talking about anything, from the most mundane topics to the more serious ones. There are those I rarely communicate with but would squeeze a time to drop an email or pop a message just to send their warmest hello. I treasure them all.

In 2011, I would want the friendships I’ve built with these awesome people to grow stronger and I surely would want to make some more with new ones.

Great Family. I couldn’t be more grateful for a family that understands me for what I am no matter what. I could not ask for more.

Last Christmas, instead of making a Wish List, I made a list of the blessings I received, the gifts I never wished for but Santa gave me still. I had a lot on the list. I am, indeed, blessed.

Cheers to a better New Year! Bring it, 2011!


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