My Birthday Wish List v.27

It’s my birthday month! Wooot! It’s time to list down the goals, wishes, aspirations, those sort of things, again. Here’s 27 items in no particular order. (At feeling ko naman talaga marami akong friends who would give a damn. But, hey, it’s my birthday and I can make a list if I want to… Hehe)

1. A pair of VNCs. Ask me for the size, please. Hehe feeling ko naman talaga may magbibigay nito. | Thanks, Mhe-mhe! Weeee! Salamat, salamat sa pasalubong ulit! Ikaw na ang supplier ko ng VNCCI. hahaha

2. Buffet at Sofitel. For more lang. And, yes, masabi lang. πŸ™‚ | Thanks, Sands for the sweet, sweet treat. Achieve na achieve! πŸ™‚

3. Go back to Palawan and see the Underground River and the planktons. For more langΒ  ulit. Nabitin ako last year.

4. Try that famous Chona’s Delight. Dahil may nakapagsabing masarap ‘to, I must try it. | Finally! Kaso hindi naman pala s’ya ganun ka-delightful. Wala lang naman s’ya. Pero dahil OC ako, I had to insist that we go to Baguio to look for Jessa’s prom dress. Masaya naman. It was a nice escape–short but sweet.

5. Help friends cross out at least one item on THEIR lists this year. Kaya, guys, if you think I can do it, just let me know. I’ll be glad to help you. πŸ™‚ | Negie finally got to see the Angkor Wat! Yey!

6. Be reunited with old friends I haven’t seen and talked to in a while. Somehow, I miss them. Sana lang miss din nila ako. Hehe | I think I’ve done this more than a couple of times. With Ate Vlynie (albeit very short), Marvin, Jel, Anna, etc.

7. Shop, dine, wine and chat the day/s away with Ate Mayj. A must! So looking forward to this one.

8. “What the Dog Saw” by Malcolm Gladwell. I wasn’t able to cross this one out last year. My good friend Jelijin gave me one as an early birthday gift. Wooot! Thanks! πŸ™‚

9. Family vacation. I owe this to them.

10. Level up on my job status. Sana naman, ‘di ba? πŸ™‚

11. Celebrate Arts Month. It’s one more reason why I love Feb. I went to Pasinaya 2011 with Jel. What a wonderful way to celebrate arts and culture!

12. Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in 3-D. No idea yet if it’ll be in 3-D, but I wanna watch this movie when it comes out in May. | Watched it with Alain, but not in 3D. Keri na rin!

13. A new phone. Just in case my old one finally gives up. | I got Rafa now, a Samsung. πŸ™‚

14. Sunflower. Wala lang. Gusto ko lang talaga ng fresh sunflower. πŸ™‚ | Who said I can’t buy myself fresh flowers? Lovely!

15. Explore a place I’ve never been to. Bohol, Batanes, HK-Macau and Thai-Cam-Viet are what’s on my mind. | Viet-cam: CHECK! Woot!

16. Eat at Banapple with Chona when she gets home. I miss bitchness. Hehe And Banapple bonding with Jann, too. For more din, ‘pag uwi n’ya.

17. Prepare for something big. Can’t elaborate on this one. Top hush-hush. πŸ™‚

18. Isaw at UP. I miss UP isaw.

19. Fireworks. Haven’t seen one in a long while. I would want to see a fireworks display again. | Uber traffic, but we saw spectacular glimpses of the UK’s entry to the Pyromusical contest. “Waaaaaaaaw!” sabi nga ni Aaron.

20. “The Confessions of the Ugly Stepsister” by Gregory Maguire. I still haven’t found a copy of this. Found a copy via free download! Wooot!

21. Birkin bag. Malay mo lang may himalang magbigay. Haha Or, sige na nga, bababaan ko na ‘yung level, a pair of Louboutins. Hehehe Or, okay, fine, a MacBook. Ayan, ha, any of the three items. πŸ™‚

22. Sampaguita ice cream with Ate V-lynie. This is waaaaay overdue.

23.Β  Watch “Zsazsa Zaturnnah ze Muzikal… Vack with Vengeance”. I really, really, really, really, really, really want to watch the full show. I saw the preview at the Pasinaya 2011 and it’s really funny. I wanna watch this!

24. Play badminton again. Nahagip lang ng mga mata ko si inaalikabok na Yonex. Kawawa naman, ‘di na nagamit.

25. Celebrate my birthday in one of the places I love. Weee! Hopefully, sana, sana, sana. | ‘Di man natuloy ang Baguio, I realized there’s only one place I need to be on my birthday–in the hearts of people I love and hold dear.

26. Zip line! I really want to try this one.

27. Meet strangers who will eventually become my good friends. Pang-Miss Universe na wish. hehehe | In fairness to me, madami naman sila. πŸ™‚

It took me a while to finish the list. Mahirap palang mag-isip ng 27 items, no? And I’m sure it will take me a while to cross out all of them. I won’t mind. πŸ™‚

updated on: 15 February 2012 (Pasok pa naman sa banga dahil hindi ko pa naman birthday.)| 17 out of 27, not bad! Yey!


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