Wish List Item # 2

2. Buffet at Sofitel. For more lang. And, yes, masabi lang.

Finally! Spiral buffet! Weee! Here’s crossing out one item on My Birthday Wish List v.27.

I was asked where do I want to have dinner last night. I joked and answered, Sofitel, just because it’s the first building I saw when we got out of the World Trade Center. Little did I know, my joke would be taken seriously.

Don’t you like it when you’re taken seriously? I do!

And so, amidst the almost-comforting rain, we found ourselves parking in front of Sofitel and asking Manong where the Spiral buffet is. Weeee!

Birthday Wish come true!

I really love it when the Universe conspires. Thank you!

So, how was it? It was so sosyaaaah! Well, it’s like any other buffet except that there’s a lot of food choices and the foods are, well, sosyal. I tried to have a bite from each cuisine but there’s just too many. I think I skipped a couple–the Indian and English.

Medyo parang lugi nga ang nanlibre. Pero bumawi naman ako sa foie gras. Wooot! We asked the staff to seat us in the most strategic area and she actually did. Right in front of the Foie Gras section. 🙂 Sabi ni Manong Chef, kung hindi mo ‘yun matitikman para kang hindi nag-Spiral.

And I understood what he meant when I bit into that heavenly and rich piece of what is really the liver of a goose. Yummmmmy!

That almost made my Spiral experience. Almost, because I had to fulfill one more mission.

I have been wanting to try the Sofitel’s Spiral buffet not only because I’m a sucker for all things sosyal, but also because I wanted to have a bite of the pistachio cookie I’ve been craving for years now. See, a friend from my first job gave me a piece and I fell in love with it. He told me it’s from the Sofitel bakeshop (his mom was working there). Since then I vowed to find a similar cookie. But I failed (miserably). I even tell bakeshop people every time I try to look for it to no avail to try substituting the chocolate chips with pistachio.

And so finally, we were united: Sofitel Cookie and I. May disappointment, though. Parang hindi na ‘yun ‘yung dati kong natikman.

Anyway, there. There’s my Spiral Spree! Thanks again. May ubong na chocolate from HK, may Spiral buffet pa! Ikaw na. Pak! 🙂

PS: Sorry, didn’t take a lot of pics. Nahiya naman kasi ako na magmukhang uber happy to be there. But I was, really. Thanks, Universe!


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