The Man With Gorgeous Hair Who Almost Killed Us

Of course, I’m exaggerating…

But this is how Venn and I would probably die, or at least almost die of heart attack together.

Setting: Coffee Bean (or CBTL for many). 8-ish, just after dinner. While having non-coffee drink for me (which is usually Hot Vanilla) and whatever-you’re-brewing coffee for Venn (Viennese in this particular event)…

Spotted: A man with gorgeous hair (that’s the main reason why he got into our “interesting” list for the night). He’s alone. He’s carrying a rather bulky black bag. He looks for a seat. Finds one near our table. Goes inside to get his coffee. He comes back carrying his iced drink. Puts his bag on the chair. Stirs his coffee. He leaves.

Because we’re very “observant” (no, we’re not watching him, really), we notice this weirdness (at least in our definition) happening.

Venn, saan s’ya pupunta? Hindi doon ang C.R.

Venn, hindi kaya bomba ‘yan? Tang-ina, kuya, saan ka pupunta?
(shared nervous laughter)

I’m 80% joking. Pero kinakabahan ako. Hindi ako mapapakali hangga’t hindi pa s’ya bumabalik.

Venn, natatakot na ako. Isumbong na natin sa guard. Ako ang pinakamalapit sa bag. Ako ang unang casualty. Ayaw!

At least sosyal ang story, if ever. Hindi sa kung saan lang.

Sabagay, at least hindi sa terminal ng bus or somewhere.

(nervous laughter, silence, almost 2 minutes have gone)

Venn, nasaan na s’ya? May future pa ako.

(he finally comes back)

(both sigh)

This is what you call a sigh of relief!

I know!

(both sip from their drink)

Haynaku, kuya. You almost killed us both without you even knowing it. Ang morbid lang natin, ‘no?

Oo nga. Kaya nga wala tayong masyadong kaibigan. (pause) Venn, sa tingin mo bagay pa kami despite sa ginawa n’ya?


And we move on guy-spotting.


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