Rants and Raves 2011

And it’s the time of the year again to list down the stuff –good and bad–that made my 2011 memorable and somewhat eventful. Here it goes.

Viet-Cam trip. It was my first trip out of the country so it’s only appropriate that this made it on top of the list. I have to thank Negie for letting me be her travel buddy and explore the magnificent temples in Angkor Wat, endure the worthy 12-hour bus trip to and from Cambodia, sample, albeit not too many,Vietnamese and Khmer cuisines,ย  and many more. Someday I am going back to Cambodia where I am aptly addressed as “Lady” and everything can be as low as 1 dollar.

Baguio Birthday: EPIC FAIL. Okay, so I’m exaggerating. But this really broke my heart into pieces. I think I actually cried over this failed attempt to spend my birthday weekend in one of my favorite cities because of a very untoward incident. Now, that was really silly of me. May ibang araw pa naman. Like next year perhaps? ๐Ÿ™‚

New job. In the latter part of 3Q2011, I managed to land a job in MBPS. I couldn’t be happier. I get to do what I love most–organizing events. Keep it that way and I think it’d be worth the while. For the job that pays for Divine Shoes and Lovelyย  Bags, lezzgo!

SG Trip Fail, Another. It’s strange that it happened again. I had the tickets to go to Singapore already, and I just had to miss it for the second time. The first one was for work but I was sick to go. This time it was for pleasure, but I had to miss it because of an event at work. It was heartbreaking. Next year, please let me go to SG na, Universe. Please.

Gawad Kalinga. Ang matagal ko nang pangarap na makatulong sa kapwa ay natupad na sa tulong ng MBPS at Gawad Kalinga! And this is not just once, we do it twice a month. It’s a bit of an ordeal to go to work on a Saturday, but knowing that you are helping underprivileged families build a place they can call home is so worth it. Plus, may OT pay pa! Hehe

Airplane Rides for Work, I miss. Terribly. I miss local airports, overpriced airport foods, freezing A/Cs, long queues, baggage counters, watching the slow luggage conveyor as I wait for mine, passing time rereading books, the frantic search for a good wi-fi spot, the “snobbish” feel of everyone in the airport–I miss them all. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Inconsiderate smokers. Ugh. Hate them. Buti na lang talaga. ‘Nough said.

Millenium Trilogy. This has to be my favorite read for the year. I literally couldn’t put the book down. It wasn’t just a couple of times that I slept past 2 AM reading the books. Thanks, Yang, for getting me the book for our Kris Kringle the previous year.

On My Birthday, I Planted a Tree. We had a tree-planting activity at Timberland Heights and it added fun to my special day. I also realized on this day that I don’t need to be somewhere far or someplace else to make my birthday happy and special. I just need to be in the hearts of those people I love and hold dear.

RENT. Oh my gahd. We watched RENT Musical for free. I think I raved about it for like three months. Imagine how I would react if we actually did see the real show. Baka nahimatay na ako sa tuwa. It was really a nice, unplanned Valentine’s/Birthday gift to me from Universe. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

Trainettes. I am no concert-goer. Hindi ko maatim na magbayad ng more than 1,000 pesos para lang manood ng concert. Buti na lang mura lang ang Gen Ad sa Train concert! Hehe Love, love, love it! Fan Girl Mode On Moment din ang makita ko si Chico and Delamar pala. Hehe

Timberland Heights. I thank Thee for letting me see the spectacular views from up there for more than twenty times. Each time was always, always breathtaking. It made me appreciate nature even more. Also, I am thankful for having the chance to work on this project. Marami-rami din naman akong natutunan. At marami din akong nakaing Ensaymada (the best, as in) at Cinnamon Roll (my most favorite) from the woods! hehe

Sofitel Spiral Ultimate Buffet. This year I discovered a lot of food places. Hindi lang bilang nag-work ako sa Tomas Morato. Dahil na rin I regained my appetite for good food this year (thankful!). I’ve tried Johnny Rockets, Kanin Club, Penang Hill (love this food place for their roti canai), Ilang-ilang Cafe sa Manila Hotel, ang dinner cruise sa Manila Bay at marami pang iba, pero ang Sofitel talaga ang ultimate sa lahat ng ultimate. Lalo na dahil ito ayย  libre. ๐Ÿ™‚

I Decorated a Real Christmas Tree. This year has been good to me, having been able to cross out a lot of things on my must-do list. This one has to be my favorite dahil hindi ko talaga ine-expect na magagawa ko ‘to sa work. It was fun! Kaso ang baho na nya after ilang days. Hehe

Ubongs. Hindi man ako nakapag-travel nang bongga this year, I’mgrateful for having great friends who never forget to get me gifts whenever they travel. I love them all, really. But this has to be my favorite. It’s from Alain.ย  Ang landi-landi lang kasi ng bagelyang ito. Hirap na hirap akong isipan ng event para magamit ko s’ya. Finally nagamit ko naman na sya… sa zoo. ๐Ÿ™‚

Vittles and Victuals. Favorite newly-discovered food ko ang Chewy Junior. Sucker for cream puffs, I am, i-combine mo pa with blueberry. Yum! Fell in love with roti canai of Penang Hill, Pistachio Biscotti from Starbucks, that Wintermelon tea from Moonleaf and lychee shake.

Family and Friends. You make this life worth living, really. Thank You, Thee. Your plans are really wonderful. You really got one helluva plan, I think. But, please, as in pretty, pretty, please… Give me the strength to endure, enjoy and be worthy of what You have planned for me.

You rock, 2011! ๐Ÿ™‚


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