Walter and the Water Cycle

Here’s another children’s story I’ve written for my cousin JP.

Walter, a water molecule, is having a nice time riding the waves together with the other water molecules in the ocean. He thinks this could be his most favorite water cycle adventure so far. He has been in enjoying the waves under the sun for quite some time. He knows it will not take long for another adventure.

And just as he was about to say hi to one of the fishes swimming nearby, a huge wave takes him up in the air together with the other molecules. He feels lighter as he sees the wide ocean below. That’s when he realizes that he is floating.

“Oh my! We’re flying! Evaporation, here we go!” Walter beams together with his other friends.

“Hi there, pal!” says a water drop beside him. “My name is Droppie. I can see you’re enjoying this,” he says.

“Hi, Droppie! I sure do,” answers Walter. “It seems you’re enjoying this too. By the way, I’m Walter,” he introduces himself.

“That’s right. I’ve been waiting a long while now to go back to my home cloud. I’ve been stuck for hundred of years down there at a glacier. Good thing Mr. Sun here is shining brightly today.”

Walter couldn’t believe what he heard. “Hundred years? Seriously? I didn’t know we could end up like that,” he exclaims.

“Well, now you know. We could end up in a lot of places after condensation. As you probably know, we fall from the clouds as different kinds of precipitation. We could be drizzle, rain, snow, fleet, hail. Do you know that?” asks Droppie. Walter nods.

“And after we fall down to the earth, some of us are absorbed by plants to help them grow. Some are absorbed by the soil. Some by other creatures that need water to survive. Some become what we call runoff and end up in the different bodies of water,” Droppie explains.

“I was once a runoff. I just came from the ocean,” Walter proudly says.

“Good for you then. It could be a bit boring where I came from, but I’m happy now that we’re going back to the clouds,” Droppie beams as he looks around and wave hello to fellow water molecules.

“I’m not sure I want to go where you came from, Droppie. It sounds no fun,” Walter feels sad saying this.

“Oh, no! Don’t think that way. It’s part of the water cycle. It’s part of our life. Sooner or later, you’ll have your chance. Don’t worry, it’s fun. You’ll meet a lot of interesting animals and other creatures. You’ll see a lot of other things that you won’t find in a rainforest or in the ocean,” Droppie assures Walter.

“Well, that sure sounds exciting, Droppie!” Walter becomes happy again.

“Here we go! We’re home!” Droppie exclaims as they join the other water molecules to form clouds.

Walter and Droppie exchange water cycle stories as they soak happily in the sunlight waiting for another adventure.


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