Les Misérables: Le Fail to Overwhelm Me

Oscars 2013 Nominations: Best Picture, Best Actor (Hugh Jackman), Best Supporting Actress (Anne Hathaway), Costume Design, Makeup and Hairstyling, Original Song (“Suddenly), Sound Mixing

I am not a fan–not the novel, not the musical, not the 1998 adaptation of the novel. I am not really a fan, but I would really have wanted to be one. I guess I was overwhelmed by too many people (including friends) posting and tweeting about how excited they are to see it that I kind of expecting it to overwhelm me. Well, unfortunately, it didn’t. This musical adaptation did not convert me into one of the many admirers of the Broadway masterpiece.

Maybe I should see the real thing, eh? Maybe someday. Here are my random thoughts.

– I get insightful reviews from Roger Ebert. The fact that he didn’t write anything about the movie (aside from this short bit) says a lot. It didn’t even make it to his Top Movies of 2012. That’s why I got a hint that it must be not that good. The 1998 adaptation of the novel got 2. stars rating, though.

– In an effort to prepare for the highly anticipated film, I watched the 1998 movie starring Uma Thurman [thanks for lending me your copy, Venn!]. It was so sad, I can’t remember if I even finished it.

– I really think I should watch the Broadway musical. Where to get a copy of it?

– While watching the movie, I managed to check my FB page, tweet, Google stuff–bad sign.

– It doesn’t help that the only songs I recognize are “I Dream a Dream” and “On My Own”. “Look Down, Look Down” reminds me of “Sit down, sit down, you’re rocking the boat” song.

– If I have to pick my fave characters, I’d choose Gavroche, the cute kid who acts with total conviction. And, of course, I gotta love Helena Bonham Carter’s character. Leave the crazy, wicked, zany part to her and she’ll do a great job. That Enjolras guy is le charming, too!

– I don’t have any comment about Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe. They sing, they act. Okay.

– I don’t wanna comment about Anne Hathaway. I don’t really like her. But, yes, she has the voice that could pull off the Fantine character. But she’s rude during the interview with Ricky Lo. As a Pinoy, that kinda made me hate her. It just gave me a reason to not like her at all.

– Sure, it’s a great treat for fans, but it fails to really capture nor engage the non-fans like me.

– And what’s with the too many close-up shots? I found this review after watching it. I kinda agree in most parts especially on the “Face! Face! Face! Face! Face!” comment.

– It was a surprise to learn that it was directed by the same director who brought us “The King’s Speech” (which I really liked as I have said here). But then the former really is a winner mostly because of the script and the actors.

– I don’t think it’s gonna win the Best Picture trophy.


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