Delize Delight

First and foremost, this isn’t actually a review of the famous cakes of that famed pastry shop. It’s just a funny thing that happened today.

I was putting together an in-a-snap photo shoot for a client. I didn’t know I have to be at the shoot to assist. I was not really excited about it since I’ve already made plans for Saturday. It is a simple photo shoot with a chef.

When I asked my boss the name of the chef, my eyes widened. Jill Sandique. OMG. The pastry chef behind the very famous (at least to a certain class in the society) pastry shop named Delize.

I’ve always wanted to order their Pistachio Sans Rival ever since I’ve read’s Top 10 Sans Rival in Manila. It’s at the top spot. I have to have a bite of this!

1Credit to Spot.Ph for the image.

Sadly, we’re not featuring that sans rival in the photo shoot. But getting a chance to meet her in person is really delightful. I hope the photo shoot will turn out well.


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