Saturdate with Venn: The Super Late Christmas Edition

So we finally got to meet again after the Venn Vacation. It’s a rather quick rendezvous as it was kind of late because I had to go to a photo shoot for work first.

And, at last, we had our long-overdue exchange gifts. I got my Starbucks planner, yay! It’s an annual gift from Venn, my official planner supplier. I must say it’s the best planner so far. It has all the elements that makes it my favorite among the planners I have since I started collecting four or five years ago. It’s green. It has lines. It has this monthly special task. I love it!


Venn got the photo book of our Venn Vacation. And I love that he loves it. Pero, Venn, tinalo mo ako sa message. Hindi ako nakapag-isip. Pinauna mo ako, eh! LOL Competitive pa rin, ‘yun na nga lang?


But, kidding aside, I’m so grateful for the kind of friendship that we have. To more Venn vacations, coffee, non-coffee, people watching, dinner, lunch, whatever! 🙂


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