The Pope Resigns

I don’t know why I felt this sad  feeling when I first read it on Twitter. Perhaps because I didn’t know popes can resign from their post. Well, Pope John Paul II died while he was still the pope. I’ve always thought it’s like a title that you carry to your last breath. Apparently, it’s still a job that you ca quit.

Maybe the job took its toll on the ailing head of the Catholic Church. I couldn’t blame him. It’s not really a great time to deal with all the controversies that the Church is facing right now. I bet it’s so stressful.

I guess this just proves that we are all human beings. We have limits. I know it was a tough decision for someone like him. You’re the head of the largest religious organization in the world and you are choosing to step down because you believe you can no longer take the responsibility due to health reasons.That must have been really tough.

It is kinda sad. I haven’t learned a lot of things about Pope Benedict XVI yet. I only know he’s German. I haven’t warmed up to him yet, not as much as I had with Pope John Paul, if I may say. Not that it’s a big deal.

Well, it is. I’m beginning to like him, anyway. I like it that he recognized at one point that using condoms could prevent AIDS. I think it’s about time the Catholic Church starts to be open about these things because it’s real. It’s part of our reality. Everyone should be educated about HIV and AIDS prevention.

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