“Argo F*** Yourself!”

Nominations: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Alan Arkin), Film Editing, Original Score, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Adapted Screenplay)

How could that phrase be not a good title for my entry about the Roger Ebert’s Top 1 Movie of 2012? It’s repeated more than a couple of times in the film directed, co-produced and starred by Ben Affleck.

It’s a movie about making a fake movie. And as Lester Siegel, played effectively by Alan Arkin, says in the film, “If I’m going to make a fake movies, it’s going to be a fake hit”. “Argo” is undeniably a fake hit. I say fake because it’s a not-so very accurate account of an important piece of history. Not very accurate, but very entertaining and executed flawlessly, nonetheless.

IMG_20130205_213905 (1)I couldn’t say the details and elements are very accurate because I wasn’t born yet in 1979. But it sure did make me feel I was watching a movie from that year. The costumes are impressive and I couldn’t get that old KFC sign out of my mind. Watching it, I know they spent a good deal of time in research, and that’s really an important factor in filmmaking. Fiction or non-fiction, I appreciate a film that is very meticulous in the details.

“This is the best bad plan we have… by far, sir” says Jack O’Donnell (Bryan Cranston), and I guess it says a lot about the film itself. It is the best story for a film. It has all the elements–action, thrill, a little bit of comedy and they even managed to squeeze in pieces of love stories here and there. But I think it’s also bad in a way that it’s a retelling of an important historical fact. And since it is BASED on a true story, there’s a lot of twisted truths and added elements in it.

For a not-so inquiring mind, this could be taken on face value as a piece of history. It seems so real, one would not have a hard time believing that this actually happened.

But then again this is just a movie. If you want accurate history, there are plenty of books on it. It’s about time people pick a book and read, too.

Fearless Forecast: Alan Arkin will bag the Best Supporting Actor award. I’ve always have a soft spot for him ever since “Little Miss Sunshine”.

“Argo fuck yourself!”


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