20th Travel Tour Expo: Travel the World for 50 Pesos

I’ve heard of it a lot of times but I’ve always been too busy with something to actually go to this famous expo for travelers. So when I saw an article about it, I said to myself, This isn’t a travel year if you wouldn’t attend this year’s Travel Tour Expo. And so I went.

Purchasing a plane ticket to somewhere was not in the plan. Although I would have grabbed two plane tickets to Bangkok if it would only cost me 5k for both. Unfortunately (or should I say, fortunately?), I didn’t find such deal. I was mainly there for research work. It was an OB, yes.

It wasn’t really what I expected it to be. I was hoping to accumulate a lot of freebies (eco bags, ballpens, planner, calendars, you know, the usual), but I didn’t get any. Maybe I was too casual-looking that exhibitors didn’t bother to give me free items. I did manage to get a lot of brochures and travel maps and whatnot, though.

Sure, there are a lot of travel agencies, hotels, resorts, airlines, etc. Some has elaborate booth displays that attempt to transport you to the real place. Well, try harder, I say. But it was actually fun to see the crowd line up to purchase tickets. I was actually surprised that these people are really buying travel tickets to somewhere! I looked into the fare tables and they’re actually the same rates given in their websites. So what’s the deal? Is it for the freebies that come with the purchase? Or perhaps we, as Filipinos, are just suckers for what seems to be good  deals when in fact they’re not.

I also noticed that most of the attendees were in their 40s and 50s. Maybe this is the generation that stay away from online anything. I’m sticking with that logic.

Travel Tour Expo 2013

Check it out. It’s fun to  sort of see the world once in a while for only 50 pesos. Visit the PTAA Travel Tour Expo website for more details.


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