My Birthday Wish List v.29

I love making lists. It’s part of being a perfectionist wannabe. A list helps me remember. It aids me to accomplish things. And, well, it’s fun to write. It makes me feel I’m very organized.

So it’s that time of the year again. Here’s to the 29 items I hope to cross out in this list of wishes and goals!

1. A satchel. Again, because a girl can’t have too many bags. | Bought one for me and one for Venn. 🙂

2. Visit Thailand and see Rafael Nadal at the Bangkok Open. I couldn’t be more specific than that. | He didn’t join in 2013, so…

3. Venn Vacation Volume 2. I still don’t know where, but it would be sweet if we can do a part 2 of that happy break.

4. Dine out with Dearie. It’s been a while. I’m missing those impromptu lunches or dinners. | Finally, Pretty Stacy’s!

5. Watch the third JLC-Sarah movie. We’re such fans! hehe | Wooot! The  best JLC-SG movie ever!

6. Visit a friend overseas. This could be any friend, anywhere.

7. Set up a real business. With all the legit and ugly government-whatever stuff.

8. Attend a class. It doesn’t matter what class, I just want to learn something new.

9. Bring Aaron to Ocean Park. Because he’s been bugging us to go again. | Chaperoned him during his field trip/Christmas party.

10. Family out-of-town trip. For some unavoidable circumstances, we had to postpone a Tagaytay trip. So, I’m hoping to bring them to a vacation out of town.

11. Do something I am passionate about and get paid for it. This is gonna be my little project this year. | I’ve set up The Bee’s Knees, Etc. Hooray!

12. Visit Davao. I miss my second favorite city. | I went to Davao with Marvin for Jann’s wedding. It was the highlight of my 2013. Ponce Suites rocks because Wala Rito, Wala Riyan… Nasa Ponce Suites Lang ‘Yan!

13. Explore a new place. It could be in the country, somewhere near or somewhere far. | Samal! For less than 5 hours! Actually, just the Paradise Island Resort. hehehe Pwede na rin.

14. Attend a local festival or two (or three). Hot Air Balloon Festival with Venn! 🙂

15. A new suitcaseA travel year won’t be complete without a new luggage.

16. Good health for me and for my loved ones.Aaron conquered Dengue, so yay!

17. “Life of Pi” with an old cover (not the one from the movie). I  have to find two! So I can give it to a friend.

18. “Smoke and Mirrors” by Neil Gaiman. A friend recommended it and I think it’s a good book.

19. A 3-digit balance in my Paypal Account. It should be in dollars. | At one point I was able to do it! So I vowed to do it again this year.

20. Watch “Indiana Jones”. It’s a JD movie, I must watch. | I failed to watch it in Baguio, so I watched it at home. It isn’t a good movie.

21. Purchase our own house. It’s gonna be hard but we’ll  do it together as a family. 

22. A raise. So we can purchase the house, of course.

23. Help a friend cross out an item or two on his or her bucketlist. This has always been one of my goals since I started doing this kind of list. | Well, it’s not actually a bucketlist, I think. But I managed to bring Marvin to Davao, which I think was on his list somehow. And I also helped Rhea tick an item off her “29 at 29” list. Yay!

24. New bank account. I need to open a new account in a new bank. For more.

25. Authentic xiao long bao. I want it as authentic as I can get. | We found a good XLB place in Binondo. Okay na siguro ‘yun. Masarap naman.

26.  Be a good insurance policyholder. 

27. Get together with good friends I haven’t seen in a long while. It’s always nice to catch-up. | I saw Ma’am She and Duff when we went to Davao. And I also spent two Saturdays with Em, too. Yay!

28. Prepare for the Batanes trip next year. It’s time to cross this one out.

29. Be a better friend, daughter and big sister. | I believe I became better. 🙂

Last Update: 21 January 2014


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