The Flight with DW

I just have to get it out of the way. I think Denzel Washington looks like Tracy Morgan. With that intro, I now have to say DW did one hell of a work in Flight that was worthy of a nomination for best actor at the recently concluded Oscars. He played it convincingly, I hated him but pitied him all at once.

Half an hour through the film I thought I would regret watching it because of the terrifying airplane scene. It’s just so scary. I think it’s the scariest scene I’ve watched so far in a movie besides that movie about a plane with lots of snakes. But that’s very different. Imagine riding a plane upside down. Whoa. I’d die.

DW is Captain Whip Whitaker, the pilot who saves almost  everyone on the plane except for six. He’s a hero. No one pilot from the simulation they did for the investigation could have saved the plane like he did. He should be awarded some sort of recognition or whatever. But he isn’t. Because he is stoned.

The film is about a seasoned pilot who happens to be an alcoholic and addicted to drugs, as well. It’s a story of his struggle to be sober and his seemingly hopeless effort to deal with the consequences of his vices. It is a sad story.

But I like it because this damned soul who saved a lot of “souls” (as referred to them in the movie) is eventually redeemed in the end.

Clap-clap, DW, you wowed me with your portrayal of a stoned pilot. Clap-clap.


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