Habagat Hues

So, I haven’t posting anything here lately. Blame it on Twitter. I can’t help it. It’s more convenient to share my thoughts in 140 characters or less these days. Not that I have a lot. Wait. I have like more than 20k tweets. That’s actually a LOT.

Anyway, I just thought of rambling here para maiba naman.

It’s a Monday and the Metro is flooded once more by the torrential rains being brought in by the mighty Habagat. That totally sucks for people who have to go outside to work or to go to school. As for me, I couldn’t be grateful that I can get permission to work from home whenever the weather gets nasty. I’ve had my share of baha blues and it’s not really pretty. A usual 2-hour commute from work to home becomes 3- or 4-hour ordeal when peppered with heavy rains and horrendous traffic.

And so I’m rambling. Updates, updates. I have to write some updates. Random updates, here we go.

We’re almost done with September. Wow! How time flies whether you’re having fun or not, eh? I’m kinda excited–oh, come on, I need not lie to myself–I am SUPER excited for December. There’s this wedding destination I am going to, and I really feel giddy just by thinking about it.

I haven’t seen Venn since his birthday month. I miss him.

We’re going to Valencia next month for the fiesta. Hoping for a sunny weather during that week.

Because of that trip, I may have to forego my earlier plan to attend this year’s MassKara Festival. I don’t think it’s a good idea to be absent at work twice in two consecutive weeks. Not healthy for my pocket, too. The dream to have a taste of some sort of Mardi Gras has to wait.

I am also looking forward to catching some Spanish films at this year’s Pelicula. We’ve been attending the festival since 2010, so it would be a delight to do it again this year for the fourth time.

What else, what else?

Oh, yeah. I had a past journal reading frenzy last week. It kept me all night. I should be writing about it here, but then I have to hold back. I’m not yet ready to expose myself and my thoughts about some things. Let’s just say I have to keep it private for now.

Reading and remembering the past made me want to go to Baguio. I may go there during the sembreak with Atenie. I miss the food and the cold weather, and maybe I miss some more. 🙂


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