Alam mo ‘yung gustung-gusto mo nang sabihin sa iba ang isang bagay pero hindi talaga pwede? 
Tapos halos tatlong taon nang ganun.

Bad trip.

Tapos alam mo ‘yung wala ka naman na talagang magagawa, pero kailangang mayroon kang gawin?
Someone badly needs your help, and you yourself are feeling helpless.

It sucks big time.

Then you feel this guilt because if you really think about it, you’re not really in the right position to complain.
Because someone is having a really bad time.

Not really liking the person I am becoming as I go through this. Really. 

I’ve yet to find out the reason for this. My purpose on this.
Ang hirap. As in.

Tapos you can’t really be fully happy because someone, somewhere, is having the most difficult time.
Eh, wala ka naman magagawa to make it at least a bit better.

Damn it. Stressful pa maging cryptic. Expletives.

Depression, please cut to the chase.
And cut a long story short.
Oh, please be done.
How much longer
Can this drama afford to run?


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