Leo and Scorsese’s Wall Street

Nominations: Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay

Prelude: Just like last year, I’ve take on this challenge to watch as many movies as I can from the list of nominees on the upcoming 86th Academy Awards.

And so the Oscars Challenge 2014 has commenced. I’ve started, of course, with the Leo-Scorsese film. I am a fan of Leonardo di Caprio way back when almost every girl in our high school was going gaga over him in Titanic. And then, Scorsese is Scorsese. I just love how this man, who bagged (finally!) an Oscar with his The Departed (2006, also with Leo), tell stories.


Scorsese’s films are known for their violence and excessive use of profanity. In The Wolf of Wall Street, the word “fuck” was heard more than 500 times (as I’ve read by someone who took the time to count them, I’m guessing). I also saw a great deal of nudity. We’re even treated to a scene with Leo’s butt complete with a lit candle, why not?

After watching the film, I’ve posted this on my Facebook status: Watch The Wolf of Wall Street for the actors. Don’t look for an impeccable context. Focus on their acting.

A friend left a comment saying the experience of watching it is fun, but the ending sucked.

I have to agree with him. It was entertaining. I had fun seeing how the Scorsese tell the story with his camera. And I really had fun watching Leo. I really, really, really hope he finally gets his Oscar this year. Jonah Hill, who agreed to be paid a minimum salary for this film, did an amazing job, as well. And, albeit brief, Matthew McConaughey’s performance is commendable as well. I had to consult Google to check if it was really him I was seeing.

Again, do not look for a context in this movie. Take it as it is–just a movie–and have fun. A great number of scenes would shock some, but at least you wouldn’t wonder how some things really go about in one way or another.  You might as well take it as a learning experience.

It is based on a true story after all. And if you want a really deep context, read up on the story of Jordan Belfort and how he became rich just by lying to a whole lot of people and apparently, by sniffing cocaine and doing drugs and living a lavish lifestyle in the process.

It is not the best Scorsese film and would not really be one of my favorites (Shutter Island  and Hugo are). But the actors and, of course, the director, really impressed me with this film.

I am rooting for Leo to win an Oscar, against all odds. Utang na loob, give the man an Academy Award already.


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