Incognito, Sort Of

It’s a subtitled kind of entry.

The Cheap Me
So our old router just died a natural death. It just stopped working one fine day. I hate it when technology fails you just like that. Especially with this one, since it was one expensive router that we’ve used for just over a year.

I don’t want to spend so much on technology. The most expensive gadgets I have are my netbook and my camera. And they’re not even what you would consider “expensive” in the market. So being the cheap that I am, I bought a really cheap one from CD-R King thinking they’re all the same, just different names. But, goodness me! I couldn’t access WordPress and Play Store. I couldn’t even post photos on Instagram, Facebook and Tweedle. I’ve tried every troubleshooting instructions there was with the help of the Support Teams from both the wi-fi company and the router supplier to no avail. They were both blaming each other, by the way.

I gave up and shrugged the problem off. I have learned to accept things that I cannot change, at least until I finally give in to spending more for a router. Anyway, I can upload to social media using my mobile data and I can still access WordPress by connecting the laptop through a LAN cable, which is what I’m doing now.

Summer Bummer
Summer is upon us and I really don’t like it. I hate the heat. I am never the one who loves summer just because that’s when you go to the beach. Heck! We’re in a tropical country. You can enjoy the beach anytime of the year as long as it’s not raining so hard or stormy. Cases in point: I went to Palawan in June. We basked under the awesome sun in Boracay during a 3-day trip in November. My first time was in December and the beach was just as fine. And just last year, in December, we spent a good five hours in a beach resort in Samal Island.

So, summer is not really something I look forward to just so I can hit the beach. I’m not even a beach person in the first place, not the kind that couldn’t get enough of the sea. But I enjoy walking on the beach, watching the sunset and taking pictures.

I’m planning a weekend beach trip, though, with the Quasi Lovers, just so I can tick off the Haler, Baler! Album from my to-do list.

Live for the Mababaw Moments
That has been my mantra for quite awhile now. And it’s actually working, I’d like to think. Though I must admit the whole “getting older” conundrum and “should be settled by now” myth get me sometimes, I still manage to remember to live for the random and small things that put a lasting smile on my face and make my heart skip a happy beat. And I congratulate myself for that.

Of course, it would be grand to at least by now I am paying for my future home, driving my own car, managing my own business, traveling at least once every two months and being in awesome relationship with Rafael Nadal… oops! I mean, yeah, it would have been great to have all those things by now. But I don’t mind if they are not happening yet. I trust the Universe to conspire for all those, anyway.

For now I, and I hope to always, live for mababaw moments.

The Spectacular Now
The tagline that says it’s from the writers of “(500) Days of Summer” had me buying the DVD copy of this very entertaining coming-of-age flick. I thought it’s that kind of film that would lull me to sleep when I decided to watch it one afternoon. I was very ready to doze off. But, wow, this movie speaks to me in a language I clearly understand.

I wonder if they have shown this movie here. I doubt. It beats “Perks of Being a Wallflower” as coming-of-age flick a dozen times. It’s as thoughtful as “(500) Days of Summer” but minimal on the add-ons and doesn’t have all those superficial embellishments to make the movie interesting. And I was so glad The Roger Ebert approved of it with his 4-star rating. And it’s one of the last movies he reviewed. Couldn’t help but fall in love with this.

It is a good movie not only for young adults but for budding alcoholics and already-alcoholics alike. It tells you that booze is bad, as you may already know.

I really enjoyed it. I don’t wanna write a review of it. Just read Ebert’s review.

I love the movie, yes. But I am falling in love with the book even more! I just found out two days ago that it is actually based on a book with the same title. I like how it is written. Not very pretentious like how books these days tend to be.

It’s about a high school drunkard who practically brings booze with him everywhere he goes every single day. He’s one of a kind in a way because according to him he embraces the weirdness and he lives in the moment, thus, the spectacular now.

It’s a cute story. But what I really like about it is the feel of reading it. It’s as if the author is drunk himself when he wrote it. And I like how I am understanding now the science and psychology of drinking. I couldn’t actually help but smile while reading it. Well, it helps that somehow it feels like I’m reading a part of a friend’s biography. That really makes the reading experience more fun and hilarious at the same time.

It’s that kind of book that you can’t get enough of, yet you hope it doesn’t have an ending, that you can continue reading it for, like, forever.

That’s how good the book is, at least for an easy read. Go download it from ePub Bud now.


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