Consistency of Those Small Things

Did you ever have that urge to write something about a very serious topic that you rarely go into? Say, for example, love and relationships.

Well, I initially wanted to write something about that combo. I even have the most interesting title for this entry. I even have the outline in my mind. First, I will talk about my idea of love. How it’s a really an accumulation of kindness and sincere care for another human being–all those small things I want to call mababaw (shallow) moments. And how it’s really not just an accumulation of those small things but a consistency of these things that make you kilig (I don’t have an English term for that). And then I will cite examples. And maybe throw in some quotes from books and movies. And add some real-life relationship experience that have made an impact on me.

And then I thought, who am I kidding? I can’t write about love and relationship. I can write about lack thereof. But that would be depressing.

And so I ended this entry. And subtitled it: Teaser. Haha Got you there, Rhea! (At in-assume ko talagang binabasa mo ang entries ko.) :p


2 thoughts on “Consistency of Those Small Things

    • Hahahaha I know right. Next time I’ll tackle how to write an effective précis. Tapos sample ‘yung mga kilig kwento mo. Wahahaha

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