Of Spring, Sakura and Summer

It is M minus 6. Ack! Please, please, please. May the spirit of autumn be with me on this dream I am chasing. Please.

Anyway, a high school friend living in Tokyo posted sakura pictures online and I just had to ask him if I could use one of them as wallpaper. He sent me the hi-res files to my delight. So I’m sharing some here. Ah! I bet heaven looks a lot like this. [He said it’s probably more than what we could ever imagine. Perhaps. But, really, thanks, Glen, for these lovely snapshots!]




One of my lifetime dreams is to walk under these trees, but that just have to wait. For now, I need to pray for a very early fuyuzakura in autumn, instead. Oh, heck! I don’t mind not seeing cherry blossoms soon as long as I get to see all the other trees dress up for autumn. So, please, please, please. Please. Let me.

Spring in Japan could wait. It’s expensive! I can do that some other time. Besides, I think I would want to experience spring with someone significant. It’s a romantic setting, I suppose (refer to the old couple in the pic!). So I guess, it is only apt that I get to have someone special to share the sakura experience with. So I’ve edited that item on my bucket list. It has now become: Walk in Tokyo spring under the sakura in full bloom with my significant other by my side. Naks! Kakilig naman nun.

Meanwhile, it’s summer here. And gah! It sure feels like the hottest summer even if it only has begun. It sucks, really, for me who gets very irritated with hot weather. It’s icky and you can’t pretty much do something about it but to somehow get used to it.

Funny thing, that “getting used to something” bit. It really takes a lot of craziness to fall in love. Consistency is hard! The fact that you have to do things expected of you almost every day for as long as you are in love (or at least would like to think you are)  is just crazy. And if you don’t get that consistency you’re expecting, it feels crappy, and you crumble for very shallow reason.  Wow. Sabi nga ni Elphaba, Well, if that’s love, it comes at much too high a cost.

And I don’t think I’ll ever get to afford love (the romantic kind). But I suppose true love shouldn’t be so hard. It should come naturally, I’ve read it somewhere. And it should feel like it’s the most natural thing in the world. [Yes, Rhea, I remember this :p]

Therefore, I conclude, this ain’t love.



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