Gastronomic Day of Valor

So, it is a Hump Day Holiday in the Philippines and what better way to spend it than to go on a food trip with the quasi-lovers, Margaret and Jan Marc. Araw ng Kagitingan kaya marapat lamang na magiting naming suungin ang animo’y nanggagalaiting sikat ng araw sa siyudad ng Quezon. Why not.

Our sudden first stop is Crazy Katsu in Maginhawa Street. Sudden, because as we cruise along Maginhawa searching for a food place at past 2:00 in the afternoon for Margaret’s lunch (apparently), we spot its inviting sign and Arri remembers he has read it somewhere and I remember it was recommended by one of my friends. So stop, we did. And ordered these: Chicken Katsu, Tonkatsu, Chicken Katsu Salad and their house-blended iced tea.


The food is delicious. I love the dressing of my salad and how the chicken bits maintain its crispiness. We all are new fans of their iced tea. And our bill comes up relatively affordable at less than P500 for everything.

Our next stop is Gayuma ni Maria (which I’ve already been to once), just because the Beats Sex Any Day cake (formerly Better Than Sex) is interesting enough to catch their attention. Good thing it’s open on a holiday.


We initially just want something sweet for dessert but end up ordering pasta (on the side? hehe). And our choices prove to work so well and indeed an ensemble of gastronomic delight!


No Boyfriend Since Birth (NBSB) is their version of pesto. And truly, it is, as their menu describes it, a perfect blend of pesto and cheese. And with the tasty, cheesy and garlic-ky tahong, there is no umay factor, really. The chocolate cake is very moist. It’s seems they’ve soaked it with chocolate syrup. Super yum!  The fresh fruits of the Pavlova make it irresistible and divine.

With our tummies feeling great and thanking us for the affordable sumptuous treat ( P500+) , off to UP we go! It’s a little disappointing that the sunflowers are not in full bloom yet. But that’s okay. The trees all over the campus are mesmerizing enough, as always. And as Jan Marc has put it, it feels so academic. And so we absorb all the academic juice that we can, and enjoy the most impressive dirty ice cream (at P25 in a sosyal two-flavored waffle cone) I’ve ever tried as of yet. It has mango, cheese and chocolate bits!

PhotoGrid_1397056010676I’ll be forever grateful that the Universe let me study in UP Diliman. It gives me a different sense of pride whenever I go back to visit (well, actually, mostly for food trips). It always feels like coming home. Nakakakilig. Indeed, it is UP Naming Mahal.

And I’m glad I get to show my two favorite friends some parts of the university. There’s an attempt to get Margaret to try Mang Larry’s Isaw but there’s some rain threats and, goodness us, there’s a long line! We’re not that patient enough to brave it and so we save it for next time instead.

Laser Tag in Centris was next in the initial plan, then dinner somewhere there. But we have a sudden change of heart when I remember RUB Ribs & BBQ in Scout Rallos in Tomas Morato. Of course, we unanimously agree that going there is way better than any activity that requires physical effort. But don’t judge us. We’re relatively active people, just not on a holiday, because we’d like to think our tummies are on a holiday, too.

And so Jan Marc drives us through the U-turn ridden road that is Quezon Avenue. As we turn to Scout Rallos, there’s the RUB!

It isn’t my first time to eat there so a line of people waiting to be seated is actually expected. And so we use the waiting time to exchange stories and laugh some more until it’s our turn to be seated. Margaret’s sister, her fiance and two of his family members join us by this time. But since the place is really small, we are seated in separate tables.

We order the Super Duo for the three of us and a pitcher of their house-blended iced tea (we have a thing for iced teas that are made with a bit more effort than the usual ones).


I always recommend RUB to anyone craving for steak or ribs ever since I fell in love with their sauce. And I’m glad it gets a thumbs-up once again from these two. Great ribs! And very affordable, too (bill comes up to P560).

It is a fun Holiday Wednesday, really. It’s another food trip delight for us. The only thing that sucks today is the fact that tomorrow, we all have work. Le sigh. But then again, work let us do stuff like this. So let’s work, bitches, until the next food trip! 🙂 I love it that food is always fun with you, guys.

Thanks, Jan Marc, for the pictures. 


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