Labor Day Food Trip and Whining Sesh: In Scripts

It’s a quotable quote kind of foodie blog entry. I don’t have the memory of a tape recorder, so this is not verbatim, and I actually cannot remember everything we talked about, sa dami nun. It’s a podcast-able food trip/road trip so I’ve gotta share the story in scripts.

[Jan Marc and Marge, correct me if I got the quotes mixed up or something.]

And please don’t judge us.  The conversations may seem pretentious, but really, they’re not. And we only curse this much when we’re together, and we don’t really mean it. This is just how we have fun.

Okay. Yeah, maybe, you can judge us. Go ahead. We, too, are judgmental. 🙂

At Pi Breakfast and Pies

Jan Marc: I’ll have Eggs Benny. But I really want to try their Caramelized Spam!
Arl: Let’s tell Marge when she gets here that it’s the only food available and she should order it.

When Marge finally gets there…
Marge: I’m full, I just ate.

While eating his Eggs Benny…
Arl: So what’s an Eggs Benedict and what’s all the rave about it?
Jan Marc: I think it’s poached eggs. Then this bacon.
Marge: This is not poached eggs. Parang soft-boiled lang naman.
Jan Marc: It’s not. Kasi malambot ‘yung loob, o.
Marge: Kaya nga, soft-boiled. Arl, try it. It’s sosyal.


That Japanese writer and Breaking Bad…
Marge: Hey, Arl, binasa ko ‘yung book nung Japanese author that you were talking about. It’s erotic!
Arl: Ano bang libro binasa mo?
Marge: “South of the Border, West of the Sun”. I was, Oh, my gahd, Arl is reading this?!
Arl: I haven’t read that! You should have started with the easy ones like “After Dark.”
Marge: In fairness, ha? Sinusunod namin ‘yung mga sinasabi mo.
Jan Marc: Yeah! I even downloaded “Breaking Bad” because of you.
Arl: Ha? I don’t even know what “Breaking Bad” is!
Jan Marc: I thought I saw a tweet from you that was about “Breaking Bad” so I downloaded it.
Arl: Baka naman I just tweeted something na may “break” at “bad”.

On the Road to Find Blacksoup Cafe (na apparently sarado)

Arl: Let’s try that Cafe Quezon. We wanted to try that the last time.
Jan Marc: Ah, really? We do?
Marge: That’s sarcastic.

At Cafe Quezon

While we’re enjoying our very refreshing frozen caffeine, we randomly whine about things…
Arl: I hate it when people use “stuffs”.
Jan Marc: And that “as per”… totally hate it! And “craving for”. Ugh.
Arl: And “Noted on this”.
Marge: We’re such whiners, ‘no?
Jan Marc: Eh, hello, s’ya si Incidental Whiny.


On PBB and Legal Wife…
Jan Marc: Oh my gahd, my News Feed is like full of those stuff right now. Na kahit hindi naman ako nanonood, parang updated ako.
Arl: Your friends are defined by your News Feed talaga, ‘no? I unfollow friends when I couldn’t take it anymore.
Marge: One more thing I hate… “Now Watching” every freaking hour!

On the Road (Again) Looking for The Iscreamist

While we’re getting lost…
Jan Marc: Bakit kasi walang street name ‘yang mapa na ‘yan?! Don’t they know I hate fucking U-turns? They’re gonna hear from me!

Continuation of things we hate…
Marge: Do you know that Facebook posts that’s supposed to raise awareness? They’re writing things about boobs on their status? I hate that. If you want people to be aware of something, then say it.

While making a U-turn again, talking about “percentage” and the proper use of “has” and “have”…
Arl: So, what are we arguing about now?
Jan Marc: I don’t know. Marge brought it up!
Arl: Why bring something like that, Marge?
Marge: I’m sorry, grammar nazis. I don’t want to get evicted in this friendship. I don’t have other friends!

When we finally found The Iscreamist na jam-packed…
Arl: Are you sure you want to go in there? There’s a line.
Jan Marc: Marge, can you go down and check?
Marge: Why don’t YOU do that?
Arl: That’s a line! Do you wanna fall in line?
Jan Marc: Of course not! I want ice cream but I don’t wanna fall in line.
Arl: So where do we go now?
Jan Marc: We didn’t really plan this well, ‘no?

UP Naming Mahal Stroll

At the University Avenue where the sunflowers are a-bloom…
Jan Marc: They’re on hazard so I’m gonna hazard as well. Let’s take pictures.
Marge: Can we just take pictures from inside?
Arl: Let’s go down. It’s not like there are other places in Metro Manila with these much sunflowers!
Marge: Ah, really?


Buying ice cream from Manong Sorbetero…
Jan Marc: Are you sure you don’t want some?
Arl: I don’t want.
Marge: Ayoko nang magkalkal ng pera sa bag.
Jan Marc (taking his first taste of the avocado ice cream): Hong sorrrrop! Sorrop! (imitating Kris)
So we ended up buying a cone, too.

Back in the parking lot…
Arl: So, where do we go now?
Jan Marc: Can we go to Katipunan?
Arl: What are we going to do in Katipunan?
Jan Marc: You tell me, Arl. I’ll just drive!

On the road to Commonwealth Avenue..
Jan Marc: Beep-beep, motherf*ckers!

At the parking lot of Greenstreet…
Jan Marc (to the girl taking her sweet time moving away from her car): Hey you’re being an inconvenience!

At the “Quaint” Stacy’s

I’ve been bringing in friends to Stacy’s because it’s just so pretty over there. This would be my fifth time to bring in new customers. Perhaps I should get commission or at least a free cupcake. hehe


To finally get his caramelized spam fix, Jan Marc ordered Waikiki Omu-Rice.


We were not really that hungry so we split a mouthful of Grilled Shrimp with Sweet Pomelo and Mixed Greens in Asian Dressing (I just copy-pasted that).


As we enjoy the delicious food and the very warm ambiance, we tackled some serious stuff…

Marge: And the people who post hospital selfies! I hate them.
Jan Marc: The suwero shot!

Well, that’s not really part of the serious stuff… They’re more on the love and marriage kinds of topic. The kinds that single people talk about. 

Arl: You know how I really came to realize that I’m totally not ready yet for marriage? Nung naglalaba ako kanina. Na-realize kong, Oh my gahd, lalabhan ko rin ang damit n’ya?
Marge: I think you have to be really ready 100 percent before you get into marriage. When some of my work friends complain about family stuff, I go, I’m so glad I’m not in your position.
Jan Marc: I really learned a lot from my past relationship. Would you believe I’m single for almost a year now?!
Arl: The opposite of love is not hate. It’s difference. Not an original quote. I think it’s from a song.

On Being Competitive…
Arl: Kapag sinubukan natin ‘yang Sip & Gogh na ‘yan, huwag mapanghusga, ha?
Jan Marc: Hello?! Taong stick lang ang kaya kong i-drawing!
Marge: Arl, the fact that you’ve warned us about that just means you’re competitive.
Arl: Hindi ako competitive. Ayoko lang matalo.

Passing By UP Through Mang Larry
Going home, it was just me in Jan Marc’s car. We made a wrong move on the way to Edsa that made us take the UP Route. As we approach the Katipunan gate, we saw Manong and his “stop” sign…

Arl: Sabihin mo kay Mang Larry’s.
Manong Guard: Saan po kayo?
Jan Marc: Kay Mang Larry’s?!
Manong Guard (chuckling): Bawal po ang walang sticker, eh.
Arl (showing it to him): Manong, may alumni card po ako.
Manong Guard: Okay, may alumni card pala si Ma’am. Sige po.
Arl (laughing my heart out): I didn’t expect you’d fall for that!
Jan Marc: Well, I thought Mang Larry could get us in!

We were laughing all the way to Commonwealth Avenue.

You know you’ve got awesome friends when you can talk for hours about everything, from the most mundane (Facebook pet peeves, daily annoyance and such) to the most serious topics (society, marriage, etc.). And you actually quote each other as if you’re the most intelligent bunch in the world. Haha 

And when you’ve found them, you’d know they’re for keeps… no matter what. And no summer too hot, no commute too far, for a food trip with them.

Thank you, Universe, for the warmth that friends bring. It’s like the ultimate assurance that one would somehow be all right in this crazy world just as long as one has awesome friends.



The Venn Reality TV “Fun” Episode

Subtitle: Nasaan Ba ‘Yung Camera Natin?
Here are some more reasons why we really ought to have that sitcom/reality TV thing. Or so we’d like to think.

Venn: Nagkita pala kami ni –.
Me: Oh? So ano’ng sabi n’ya… tungkol sa akin?
Venn: Hindi p’wedeng tungkol muna sa amin? Tungkol talaga sa ‘yo agad?

Will and Grace na Karen and Jack Naman Talaga
Me: Sino o-order?
Venn: (Umupo na)
Me: Sige, ako na nga.
Venn: Hindi, ako na. (Nakaupo pa rin)
Me: Ako na lang. Ikaw na kukuha mamaya. So what are you having?
Venn: I’ll have the… the…
Me: The usual iced tea.
Venn: And the… (motioning something by hands)
Me: The Triple Decker Cheesecake.
Venn: Anlakas lang maka-Will and Grace.

Me: Venn, hindi mo talaga ako sasamaham sa ______?
Venn: Hindi. Bili mo na lang ako ng pasalubong.
Me: Hindi mo na nga ako sasamahan, magpapabili ka pa ng pasalubong?
Venn: Alangan namang sumama ako tapos saka ako hihingi ng pasalubong?!
Me: Gusto ko ‘yun. Nakakatawa ‘yung episode natin today, ‘no?

Venn: Ayaw mo ba akong maging masaya?
Me: (silent, with conviction)
Venn: Mali pala ‘yung tanong ko. Ayaw mo ba akong maging masaya matapos mong maging masayang-masaya dahil sa akin?
Me: Pwede naman.
Venn: Napilitan ka lang talaga, eh, ‘no?

Guest (yes, may guest kami tonight)
Guest: Ilang taon na kayong magkakilala?
Venn: Since 2005. Tama ba, Venn?
Me: Hindi, 2006. Tama ‘di ba, 2006?
Venn: O, sige. Ako 2005. Siya, 2006. Tapos recently lang kami naging magkaibigan talaga.
Me: Oo, last year lang. Nung November.

I had real fun. Thanks, Venn, for celebrating Earth Hour with me. Chos.